Armless student passes gaokao with feet

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Armless student passes gaokao with feet

A student with no arms participated in this year’s gaokao, China’s national college entrance exam, and took China’s social media group by storm on Tuesday for his exceptional results, according to the Huaxi Metropolis Daily.

The gaokao, which is generally considered the most vital and competitive exam in China, has stood in the way of many of China’s youth and their college dreams. However, the cruelty of the exam didn’t intimidate Peng Chao, who lost both of his arms in a tragic electrical accident when he was only 6 years old.

Since then, Peng adapted to his disability using his legs and feet to do everything from eating and dressing himself to filling in answers in exam sheets. This year, he took the gaokao for the second time, and scored 603 out of a possible 750, a result that is considered well above the average able-bodied candidates.

Armless student passes gaokao with feet

Peng already was put in the spotlight for getting a 538 last year, including an additional five point for his physical condition, but he wasn’t able to meet the entry requirement of his dream university.

Armless student passes gaokao with feet2

‪Netizens on Sina Weibo were touched by the story, offering their words of admiration and congratulating him.

“Disabled but firm in spirit! Good boy! ”@Shangguangxianglvshi

“12 years of hard work. He has walked a strong life with his feet.” @Yasenguoji

“Even if he made it in the exam, what’s waiting in the future for him is discrimination in job hunting. It will be hard for him.” @Tajiaowangxiaoniu