Experts provide Insight on ‘Reinventing Cuba’


CCTV America’s documentary “Reinventing Cuba” can be seen globally – Sunday, Aug. 16 at 7 p.m. EDT / 23:00 GMT and Monday, 7 a.m. BJT. It will be live streamed at, and on Wednesday, Sept. 23, it will air on KCET Public television in Los Angeles at 9 p.m. West Coast time. Our Insight guests provide analysis on some of the topics we explore.

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There are challenges in accessing the Internet in Cuba but there is progress. For more on this, CCTV’s Elaine Reyes spoke to Ted Henken in Miami. He’s a professor at Baruch College who has studied the Internet and social media in Cuba.

Healthcare coverage starts at birth for Cubans. So how does the country pay for it? And what exactly is covered? CCTV America’s Elaine Reyes spoke to Robert Huish, assistant professor at Dalhousie University.

Carlos Alzugaray, former Cuba Ambassador to Belgium talks to CCTV about the current business climate in Cuba.

For more on Cuba’s healthcare industry and medical innovations, CCTV America’s Phillip Yin spoke to Steve Wilkerson. He is the chairman of the International Institute for the Study of Cuba.

The Cuban Revolution proved to be a transformative time not just for the political system in Cuba, but also for the arts as well. CCTV America’s Elaine Reyes spoke to Abigail McEwen. She’s an Assistant Professor of Latin American Art at the University of Maryland.

Gerry Hadden has done several stories in Cuba. He sat down with Elaine Reyes and talked about the changes he’s seeing there, and what the future holds.

CCTV America’s documentary “Reinventing Cuba airs Sunday August 9th at 7pm EST 11pm GMT & Monday 8/10 7am Beijing.