China now third-largest market for plastic surgery

World Today

China has become the world’s third-largest market for cosmetic surgery, after the U.S. and Brazil, according to the International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery.

There were more than 3 million operations last year, 13 percent increase the society found.


Helen Song, 22, of Shanghai, has had two cosmetic surgeries this year – laser hair removal treatment and double eyelid surgery.

While her parents didn’t agree with the procedures, Song said a beautiful face helps her in her search for a job.

The increasing competition, combined with the culture’s common conception of beauty, has driven her and many other women to go under the knife, she said.

Neil Wang, Managing Director of consulting firm Frost and Sullivan Greater China said the rise in surgery is due to increasing disposable incomes. Many hope it can improve their careers and social lives.

The market for surgery is estimated at 850 billion yuan (nearly $137 billion) by 2018, Frost & Sullivan said.

Investors are also eyeing the sector. Last month, Chinese investment firm Lancy said it will buy 33 percent of shares of South Korea’s plastic surgery firm Dream Korea. In 2013, Shanghai’s Fosun Group acquired a beauty apparatus firm in Israel.

Story by CCTV News