Most of Portugual hit by extreme drought

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According to a report out of Portugal, almost 80 percent of that country’s territory is experiencing “severe” or “extreme” drought. Figures from the Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IPMA) revealed this on Thursday.

The IPMA said in July that temperatures reached an average of 23.2 degrees Celsius. The average daily rainfall for Portugal in July was 3.5 mm, much less than the average 13.8 mm.

The institute (IPMA) also warns that the current weather conditions are favorable for forest fires. The number of forest fires almost doubled this year compared to 2014, according to recent statistics, with around 10,695 forest fires taking place across Portugal.

Drought conditions in Portugal are expected to continue to rise according to the IPMA.

A rework of reporting by Xinhua and report from IPMA

Fire risk index for Portugal
The Portuguese Sea and Atmosphere Institute (IMPA) released a data visualization showing that most of Portugal is at risk for wildfires.