Parents let child defecate in plane cabin, triggering criticism

World Today

A Chinese couple have provoked public criticism after they let their child defecate in the cabin of a Guangzhou-bound plane last Sunday.

The flight was preparing to take off from Nanjing to Guangzhou when a stewardess spotted the child excreting with the help of his parents in the main cabin. Both bathrooms on the plane were vacant at the time.

When questioned, the parents explained the bathrooms were too small for all three of them to fit in, according to one Weibo poster claiming to be a staff member of the airline.

A reported witness said the parents appeared indifferent to the attention, telling the child to “keep pooing with no rush.”

The incident soon sparked criticism from Chinese netizens, who suggested airline companies establish a blacklist for passengers displaying inappropriate behavior.

“I don’t see why it needs three people to poo,” said a user named Guanzhongxiguanzhong.

“The parents should think about how they’re going to influence their kid…” said another user named RanRENran.

“I suggest Chinese transportation companies establish a blacklist for these people, and ban them from taking any public transport for two years. This should be enough to help them behave.” said a user named Koujiaozhaiba.

Story by CCTV News