EU said to have worst refugee crisis since WWII

Refugee and Migrant Crisis

People fleeing violence in Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq are pouring into Europe in record numbers in what’s been called the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War.
Most are coming through the Greek islands via the Aegean sea and heading north, across the non-EU countries in the Western Balkans. Macedonia declared a state of emergency and closed its border last week, but refugees tried to storm past riot police who tried to keep them out.

CCTV’s Kate Parkinson filed this report – it’s the first of our special series of reports on Europe’s Refugee Crisis.

Michel Gabaudan on the refugee crisis

For more on the urgency of this crisis and why refugees are risking everything to make the dangerous journey, CCTV America’s Asieh Namdar spoke to Michel Gabaudan. He’s President of Refugees International.