US seizes ‘world’s largest male prostitution site’

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The charges that came down in a NYC court today included money laundering and prostitution, with a U.S. attorney claiming that the site is an “internet brothel” according to reports from inside the courtroom.

Reporter and author Melissa Gira Grant was inside the Brooklyn, New York courthouse today during the arraignments where seven people affiliated with the site were arrested, with some let out on bail.

The arrested included the CEO of (now taken down by U.S. Federal authorities), 50 year old Jeffrey Hurant.

The seven were arrested as part of a raid on the offices, located at 14th Street and Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, New York City.

According to the contact page on the website, the site has offices in Los Angeles, Brazil, London, Barcelona and Paris.

Reports say the raid included U.S. Department of Homeland security agents alongside New York Police Department officers removing boxes from the offices. New York City and U.S. officials reportedly said the arrests were made because there was a suspicion that the men affiliated with the site were conspiring to promote prostitution under the guise of offering “companionship” from its escorts. describes itself as the world’s original and largest male escort site and has been in operation since 1996. The site makes its money through subscriptions offered to those who want to sell companionship, with an initial subscription fee of about $60, and then fees go up into the hundreds for those looking to advertise sexual and companionship services on the site.

Officials said that in the last 5 years the site has managed to garner around $10 million dollars in profits.

Those arrested reportedly include:

  • 47 year old Michael Sean Belman of New York City
  • 48 year old Clint Calero of New York City
  • 23 year old Edward Lorenz Estanol of New York City
  • 41 year old Shane Lukas of New York City
  • 43 year old Diana Milagros Mattos of Queens, New York
  • 28 year old Marco Soto Decker of New York City

If convicted they face up to 5 years in prison and a fine of up to $250,000.

Melissa Gira Grant, an American reporter and author who writes for U.S. outlets such as Vice, was at the courthouse during the arraignments and expressed shock at the attention this case is getting from U.S. agents.

Other U.S.-based sites such as the popular and, sites that essentially killed the U.S. classified ads market for U.S. print publications, have been frequently and historically accused of hosting sexual solicitations and prostitution ads. Many cases and accusations of sexual exploitation and human trafficking in the U.S. have involved these sites.

The sex worker industry has moved heavily online, with many sex workers keeping up a strong social media presence.

Transgender sex worker and subscriber to, Viktor Belmont, tweeted out this message with the hashtag #sexworkersolidarity today:

The hashtag was picked up by many on twitter sending messages of support to the staff arrested and describing the raid and arraignment as a sort of witch hunt. Many of the supporters are advocating for a decriminalization of sex work in the U.S.


According to reporters at court in New York today, the site is still in the process of being taken down so some parts of it are still online:

Some U.S. reports are asking why U.S. authorities have decided to go after the site, which very openly reveals itself as an escort site, after 18 years in business.

Read the full redacted complaint here:

276080730 Rentboy Complaint Redacted

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