Timeline of Beijing’s big V-Day parade

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Beijing is gearing up for commemoration activities marking the end of World War II and the victory of the Resistance Against Japanese Aggression on Thursday. More than 12,000 troops are expected to participate in the parade, in addition to hundreds of pieces of military equipment on display.

The parade will begin at 10 a.m. Beijing time, 10 p.m. Eastern.

Watch Live: The V-Day parade in Beijing

parade 2

The commemorative ceremony begins with a 70 gun salute, representing the 70 years since the end of WWII and the victory of the Resistance Against Japanese Aggression.

parade 7

The national flag will be raised in Tiananmen Square.

parade 5
President Xi Jinping will deliver a speech at the rostrum. Later President Xi will inspect the troops.

parade 6
Chinese formations along with troops from 17 foreign militaries will march through Tiananmen Square and Chang’an Avenue.

parade 11
The parade will conclude with the release of doves and balloons, representing Chinese people’s wish for world peace.

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