Concern for refugees increases as winter draws closer

Refugee and Migrant Crisis

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has warned a solution to Europe’s refugee crisis is still a long way off.

Hungary says it may again allow thousands to pass through its territory, as long as they continue west towards Austria and Germany. With the lack of unity, there’s increasing worry about where tens of thousands of people will be housed as winter approaches.

CCTV’s Guy Henderson filed this report from Berlin.

More details:

  • With a million new arrivals expected this year,  state governments have used exhibition centers, theaters, hotels and even tents as places to house people looking for a new life.
  • With Europe still deeply divided over who should go where, Germany remains by far the most popular destination for people coming into Europe escaping violence and hardship.
  • The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, warned unity was still a long way off.