African textiles surge in the market and in fashion

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After the collapse of Kenya’s cotton industry and the influx of second hand clothing from overseas, many large textile factories were forced to shut down.

In spite of the downturn, some small textile factories have managed to survive despite the numerous challenges that plague the industry.

CCTV’s Robert Nagila reports.

When Kenya liberalized its economy in the 1990s, the massive influx of overseas textiles reduced their capacity to about 50 percent. Now, smaller textile factories are springing up, like the Kapendezo textile factory and are hoping to make a major impact.

Adiat Disu on the African textile industry

To discuss the African textile industry, CCTV America’s Rachelle Akuffo spoke with Adiat Disu. She is the Development & Online Concept Director for Adiree Boutique.

Nadir Tati: Angola’s fashion queen thrives on international runways

Nadir Tati has become an international acclaimed fashion designer, with people paying tens of thousands for her dresses that fuse modern looks on traditional African designs.

CCTV’s Maria Galang has this profile on the designer.