Robert Nagila

Robert has been a Journalist for 10 years. He is currently covering the Eastern DRC conflict between the M23 rebels and Government forces which has displaced over 500,000 people.

He has also reported from the Somalia conflict, Mogadishu, and Kismayu, where militants Al-shabaab have been fighting the transitional government for years. A new government assisted by African Union forces has managed to recapture most of the lost territory from the militants and is making inroads in other parts of the country.

Robert has also covered the referendum and independence in South Sudan,  Boko Haram, a group seeking to turn Northern Nigeria into an Islamist State, and 2007 post election violence in Kenya.

Robert exposed corruption in the Kenya government including the drug trade in the capital city of Nairobi. He covered the Goldenberg scandal, Kenya’s largest corruption scandal .