For Kobe Bryant’s retirement, Chinese company gave workers the day off

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Kobe with his fans in ChinaKobe Bryant warmly greeted by fans in Guangzhou in 2015. Photo: CFP

A Chinese company in Hangzhou city, eastern China’s Zhejiang Province, had a special treat for Kobe Bryant fans – a day off to commemorate the basketball legend’s retirement.

Yang Hualong, the boss of an unnamed agricultural tech company, offered “Kobe day off” to all his employees in celebration of the NBA star who played his last game on Wednesday.

On Thursday, a screenshot of the holiday notice circulated widely on Chinese social media. It read: “Even if there will be another Kobe, we won’t have another youth to dedicate ourselves to them.”

“I feel sad that I didn’t have a chance to see my idol in a live game, but he has now left the court,” Yang told Zhejiang-based Qianjiang Evening News. “He is such an inspiration. Talented and hardworking.”

The special “Kobe day off” has garnered attention and admiration on Weibo:

“The best boss. Why don’t I have one [like him]?” commented a user named @Jilia.

“When will there be such an extraordinary player in China who everyone would idolize?” posted Weibo user @Chenchenchen_haochun.

Meanwhile, the hashtag ‪#‎IWantThursdayOff‬ has become one of the top trending topics on Weibo – it was searched over 15,000 times on Thursday. Using the hashtag, Kobe’s fans shared their favorite stories and memories of the basketball star.

After a glorious career spanning over two decades, Bryant waved goodbye to millions of fans on Wednesday night. The 37-year-old’s last game for the Los Angeles Lakers ended in a 101-96 win against the Utah Jazz, with the basketball legend netting 60 points.

Story by CCTV News