New Yorkers head to polls for crucial primary in US presidential election

World Today

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio voted in Brooklyn Tuesday, casting his vote for former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

CCTV America’s Nathan King has this report from Brooklyn.

As New Yorkers vote, the candidates stress their New York credentials.

Donald Trump personifies New York. He’s born here and lives in his own skyscraper, Trump Tower, on one of the city’s grandest boulevards. Democrat Bernie Sanders grew up in more modest accommodations.

Hillary Clinton, meanwhile, happily hops on the subway. She was, after all, a New York senator for eight years.

Nayyera Haq on the importance of the New York primary

To discuss what’s at stake with the New York primary vote, Mike Walter interviewed Nayyera Haq, a former White House senior director.