Nathan King

Nathan King

Nathan King has covered international affairs from datelines around the globe for nearly two decades.

From the Arab Spring in Egypt and Libya to the Earthquake in Haiti, when international news breaks Nathan is CGTN America’s correspondent for in-depth and compelling coverage of world events.

Originally from London, Nathan spent nearly a decade covering the United Nations from the lead up to the Iraq war to the standoff over DPRK’s nuclear weapons program. Few correspondents have his depth of experience of international affairs.

Now based in Washington, Nathan covers relations between the U.S. and the rest of the world. The U.S. – China relationship is a vital relationship that defines the 21st century and it is his beat.

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December 27, 2023

2023 in Review: The passing of giants

2023 saw the passing of giants, from statesmen such as Henry Kissinger to stars of stage and screen including singer Tina Turner and actress Raquel Welch. Nathan King looks back on some of those the wold lost in 2023. Read More...
November 30, 2023

Henry Kissinger’s legacy

Mourning the passing of Henry Kissinger, Chinese President Xi Jinping in a letter to U.S. President Joe Biden called the former diplomat an “old friend” of China. Kissinger met face-to-face with President Xi just a few months ago in July, in Beijing, his last of […] Read More...
November 9, 2023

Democrats celebrate local election results

Democrats are celebrating the results from Tuesday’s local elections in several states across the US. The party won critical state races and ballot initiatives focused on abortion rights, a key driver of voters to the polls. Nathan King reports from Washington. Read More...
November 2, 2023

Trump’s family members testify in his civil fraud trial

Donald Trump’s son Donald Trump Jr. took the witness stand on Thursday, Nov. 2, for a second day of testimony regarding the family company’s financial statements that a judge ruled were fraudulently inflated.  Three other family members are set to testify in Trump’s civil fraud […] Read More...
August 16, 2023

Donald Trump’s Georgia indictment

As former U.S. President Donald Trump faces his fourth criminal indictment, CGTN White House correspondent Nathan King share what’s next in the trial. Trump and his 18 co-defendant have all been issued arrest warrants. They are accused of interfering in the 2020 presidential election. Read More...
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