Four people rescued from rubble six days after Nairobi’s building collapse

World Today

The death toll once again rises from Nairobi’s building collapse. 36 people have been found dead, while dozens are still missing.

But, six days after the collapse, four people were pulled alive from the rubble. CCTV’s Robert Nagila shares the latest on one of the survivors.

Almost a week on, rescuers had all but given up hope of finding anyone alive.

Instead, while officials were getting ready to demolish other blocks here condemned as deathtraps, an engineer heard a cry and rescue workers rushed in. A woman had been found and alive.

Almost four hours later, rescuers made contact. A woman was rescued, six days after the residential building collapsed. This has given rescuers hope that there could be more survivors beneath the rubble.

The rescue of the lady has inspired many and, in the midst of so much devastation, rescuers will continue to hope there are still lives to be saved beneath the mountains of debris.