Donald Trump’s “tough talk” fueling racial tensions


Donald Trump's tough talk fueling racial tensions

Racial tensions are high in the United States. Some say Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump is helping to fan the flames.

As Republicans rally at their national convention in Cleveland, CCTV America’s Nathan King takes a closer look at Trump’s “tough talk” on these hot-button issues.

There are demonstrations against Trump wherever he goes accusing him of being racist. His proposal to ban Muslims and his pledge to build a wall between the U.S. and Mexico has many people angry and upset.

“We feel, not only us the Mexicans, but he has offended everyone, the South Americans, the Central Americans, so we all want to, you know, be just one voice against him,” Graciella Fernandez, an Anti-Trump protester said.

Trump said he “loves the Hispanics,” but hates illegal immigration and is not anti-Muslim, just anti-terrorism. His supporters said he is not racist – just plain talking.

“He says it just exactly the way it is. There’s no fluff in anything he says. And it’s ok that he’s not politically correct. Because that is what is going to make America great again,” Julie Barnhart, a Trump Supporter said.

The trouble for Trump however is he and his party need to attract at least some of the votes of minorities in the U.S. if they hope to be competitive in the general election in November.

His rival Hillary Clinton knows this. Her message is that the U.S. is already great – thanks in no small part to contributions made by immigrants. She is leading among Hispanic, Asian and African American voters while Trump is relying mainly on the support of whites.