Pinning down Trump’s economic policy


Pinning down Trump's economic policy2

While Donald Trump has ridden his vow to make America great again right up to the Republican convention, that road was dominated as well with explosive remarks on immigration: deporting Muslims and walling off the border with Mexico.

CCTV America’s Owen Fairclough reported on Donald Trump’s economic policy.
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He’s one of the world’s richest men, fond of telling crowds how he’s the ultimate dealmaker. According to one poll, voters think he’s a better bet for handling the economy than Democratic rival Hillary Clinton.
But critics say his economic policies aren’t credible.

His outsider appeal and blunt catchphrases helped him demolish Republican rivals: “Our leaders are stupid.. stupid.. stupid… They’re stupid.”

And he said his deal making prowess qualifies him for running the economy.

“We lose on everything, so we’re going to negotiate and re-negotiate trade deals, military deals, many other deals that’s going to get the cost down for running our country very significantly,” said Trump.

In his manifesto and interviews, Trump also pledges to challenge China which he blames for threatening American jobs. He’d cut taxes and also abandon free trade deals, to protect U.S. jobs from competition. He also says he will wipe out America’s entire debt, about $19 trillion. He even suggested he could renegotiate or refinance U.S. obligations.

Analysts said it’s just not credible for the world’s biggest economy to try this.

“He has talked about defaulting. Now that was such a terrible thing to say that he backed away but he backed away by in effect jumping from the frying pan into the fire. He said: ‘Maybe we will just inflate our way it’, which of course doesn’t exactly send a signal of confidence to financial markets,” said Dan Mitchell from CATO Institute.