Owen Fairclough

Owen Fairclough

Owen Fairclough reports for CGTN from our Washington, D.C. office.

From election trails to Brexit, (nearly) Grexit and even Africa’s first World Cup, Owen has been a reporter for nearly 20 years in the UK, France and now in the United States, trying to make sense of perhaps the most defining story of our times: the Trump administration and the rise of populism.

Owen began his career as a newspaper and newswires reporter before betraying print journalism purists by crossing the aisle into TV with the BBC. He left the UK in 2008 to become business editor at France 24 and then moved across the Atlantic in 2014 to join CGTN America.


September 8, 2021

Global leaders cautious as Taliban unveil new government

  China on Wednesday said it was ready to maintain communication with the new Taliban government announced in Afghanistan, as Western countries coordinated their response. The new Kabul administration was formed following the U.S withdrawal 20 years after it invaded to topple the previous Taliban […] Read More...
August 31, 2021

COVID-19: EU removes U.S. from safe travel list

  New figures from the European Union on Tuesday showed it’s beating the U.S. in the vaccination race.  EU officials are so worried about the soaring infection rates here, that they’ve dropped the U.S from its safe travel list. And that’s likely to pose a […] Read More...
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August 30, 2021

Back to school and the COVID vaccine debate

U.S children began a new school term on Monday facing the prospect of requiring a COVID-19 vaccine to remain in class.  As demands for mask mandates have led to teachers being assaulted, authorities now want to go a step further to try to stem the […] Read More...
August 18, 2021

Pandemic no longer a barrier to dating app success

  If you’ve lived under lockdown during the pandemic, you’ll know how frayed family and romantic relationships can become. Getting together was illegal for months on end for many. And yet dating apps have boomed with some unexpected effects. CGTN’s Owen Fairclough reports. Read More...
August 13, 2021

UN warns of a looming humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan

The United Nations on Friday warned the world that Afghanistan is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe. The Taliban now controls a number of the country’s provincial capitals. Britain and Canada have joined the U.S in sending troops to help with the evacuation of […] Read More...
August 9, 2021

U.S. lawmakers make green energy a priority

U.S lawmakers were this Monday trying to complete legislation that puts green energy at the heart of a 1 trillion dollar infrastructure upgrade. They’ve spent months negotiating the bill and Senators reached consensus just as the United Nations issued a stark warning about how fast […] Read More...
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