Owen Fairclough

Owen Fairclough

Owen Fairclough reports for CGTN from our Washington, D.C. office.

From election trails to Brexit, (nearly) Grexit and even Africa’s first World Cup, Owen has been a reporter for nearly 20 years in the UK, France and now in the United States, trying to make sense of perhaps the most defining story of our times: the Trump administration and the rise of populism.

Owen began his career as a newspaper and newswires reporter before betraying print journalism purists by crossing the aisle into TV with the BBC. He left the UK in 2008 to become business editor at France 24 and then moved across the Atlantic in 2014 to join CGTN America.


June 11, 2019

New study finds nearly 600 plant species have vanished

Alarm is growing in the scientific community following a new study that finds nearly 600 plant species have been wiped out in the last 250 years. That's more than twice the number of other species like birds, mammals and amphibians combined that have gone extinct during the same period. Read More...
Mueller breaks silence about Russia probe report
May 29, 2019

Mueller breaks silence about Russia probe report

For the first time in two years, Robert Mueller spoke out publicly about his report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. And while he officially closed that case - It could be the beginning of something else. Read More...
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