Trump’s nomination inspires long-time supporters


Trump nomination inspires long-time supporters1

Trump supporters shout down his former rival Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, from the floor when he refused to back Donald Trump.

Many of his supporters have been passionate about his candidacy from the beginning. They want an outsider, who has never been a politician — a man who speaks his mind. Now, they feel vindicated for backing the winner.

CCTV America’s Nathan King reports.

Despite the controversies surrounding his candidacy for president, Trump has won more votes in the primaries than any other Republican candidate in history.

Chinese-American Mei Lin Tan from Flushing, Queens was the first ever Asian delegate from the state back in 1996. Twenty years later she is an ardent Trump supporter.

“We need an extraordinary leader at these special times to change America, to change the world for the better,” Tan said. Her son Oliver is a delegate for the first time this year and proud to be an Asian-American casting his vote for Trump.

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