‘Hospitality Houses’ spring up throughout Rio during Olympics


Hospitality Housesin Rio

With world attention and hundreds of dignitaries descending on Rio right now many countries have continued the Olympic tradition of setting up national hospitality houses to showcase their nations.

CCTV America’s Stephen Gibbs reports from Rio.

The purpose of these hospitality homes is less to talk about these games, and more to focus on future ones.

For example, the British House is a spectacular, stylish conversion of one of the city’s most beautiful mansions. But, entry is by invitation only.

The most glamorous hospitality house is probably the one hosted by Qatar: the courtyard of a grand, 19th century building has been converted into an Arabian souk.

Jamaica is, so far, taking a more laid back approach; its hospitality venue is still under construction.

The China house lets VIP’s get a taste of Chinese culture. Beijing is hosting the 2022 Winter Games-many of the displays here are dedicated to showcasing that. Never before has the same city hosted both the Summer and Winter games.