Legacy of Olympic games to live on in sports venues


Barra Olympic Park

The legacy of the Rio Games will live on in many ways. Take for example, the various sports venues used for competition. CCTV’s Dan Williams has more on how they’ll be used – long after the last medals are awarded.

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The Barra Olympic Park in Rio nine sporting venues on a location that was once a formula one track. An impressive sight for the thousands of fans that visit the park each day.

One of the key elements of any winning Olympic bid is the sustainability of the arenas once the crowds depart. That is often overlooked in the rush for medals but organizers here are taking that process seriously.”

Tania Braga, head of sustainability at Rio 2016 says the venues have been designed carefully to ensure each one is utilized afterwards.

Conservation concerns have also been incorporated – with many of the buildings designed to catch rainwater. But perhaps the most impressive aspect of the plan will see this building converted into a school dedicated to sport.

Previous Olympic parks have struggled with sustainability. Only time will tell if that is the case here.