Architecture exhibit showcases “organic” buildings

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Architecture exhibit showcases “organic” buildings

Mexican architect Javier Senosiain showcases his work based on an innovative concept that combines organic nature with architecture. An exhibition of his work is being displayed in Mexico City.

CCTV’s Martin Markovits reports. Follow Martin Markovits on Twitter @MartinMarkovits

Forty-five minutes from Mexico City, stands a 10-unit apartment complex in the shape of mythological Aztec snake. Designed by Mexican architect Javier Senosiain, it serves as model of sustainability in a metropolitan area characterized by urban sprawl. Here water is captured from the rain and the residents harvest their own food.

Inspired by the work of Spanish architect Antoni Gaud, Senosiain calls his creations Bio Architecture.

His plan includes building nearly 60, 28-square-meter micro-homes where all services would be centralized.

The exhibition is an opportunity for young generations to see Senosiain’s organic architecture.

Housing builders haven’t shown interest in Senosiain’s development proposal but he believes this type of sustainable architecture maybe the only hope for making sprawling metropolis more livable in the future.