French authorities completely clear Calais migrant camp

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Large scale fires have cleared out the last of the people living in the Calais migrant camp in France, known as the “Jungle.”

It comes on the third day of operations by French authorities to remove the camp’s inhabitants and demolish the structures.

CCTV America’s Jack Parrock reports. Follow Jack Parrock on Twitter @jackeparrock

French authorities completely clear Calais migrant camp

French authorities say that the Calais migrant camp has been cleared and 7000 inhabitants now are all out. CCTV America's Jack Parrock reports.

It was meant to be a controlled demolition, but some of the thousands of people leaving the Calais camp torched their tents and huts on their way out.

Nearly every single one of the tents contained a gas canister, meaning that the fire service had to work fast.

The fires burning the camp to the ground are a very definite end to the Calais camp, but what’s uncertain are the futures of the people that have lived here and especially the unaccompanied minors who are in containers just 200 meters away from here.

The remaining 1000 minors being held in a fenced off area of the camp were told to stay in their huts with windows shut as the fires raged on around them, but many of them were out.

Aid charities said the unaccompanied children should have been taken away long before this point – but have broader concerns about their future.