Trump supporters gather at rally in Pennsylvania

Election 2016

Trump supporters gather at rally in Pennsylvania

It’s the final weekend of campaigning in the U.S. Presidential election.

Democrats and Republicans are leaving nothing to chance, and trying to muster every vote.

CCTV America’s Nathan King caught up with the Donald Trump campaign, as it crisscrossed the state of Pennsylvania.

The line stretches for a long as the eye can see- Pennsylvania is meant to be Clinton country, but these Trump supporters in the town of Hershey think the opposite- from first time voters like Sam Miller.

“I love Trump, I love the apprentice and I love America, I’m a Republican,” he said.

The last weekend before the election and the lines are long there at this Trump rally that they have been throughout this election season will that translate into votes and remember it is not just about rallies, but who gets out the vote on Election Day.

From long lines to cramped offices in Easton, Pennsylvania that it is all about translating enthusiasm into actual votes, phone calls, yard signs, one final push to make their man President.

“Everyone is going out because they just like Donald Trump, and it’s a movement like he has said, so our volunteers are more driven that way and we do have a ground game we have our polls covered we have door to door teams, we have phoners, ” Lee Snover, Trump campaign Pennsylvania said.

And the nominee himself not finished either more rallies more speeches, right up until Election Day that the polls are tightening and Trump supporters can feel something in the air, a feeling that they could cause one of the biggest upsets in U.S. political history.