This week on Full Frame: Legendary icons

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What exactly is an icon? They’re fixtures in our cultures, people who, because of their achievements and contributions, have become truly legendary.

This week on Full Frame, conversations with people of iconic stature. Whether on-screen, over the airwaves or on the runway, their life’s work has entertained, educated and enriched us all.

Charlie Rose: Television talk show icon

Charlie Rose

Legendary talk show icon Charlie Rose talks about how he got his start and what drives him as a journalist.

Let’s face it, Charlie Rose, has cemented himself as one of media’s most influential figures. The iconic American broadcast journalist and talk show host’s luminous career has spanned 40-plus years. He’s captivated audiences, around the globe, with his interviews. He’s been knighted in the French Legion of Honor, and won the Walter Cronkite Award for Excellence in Journalism.

He’s engaged some of the world’s biggest politicians, stars and innovators in one-on-one and roundtable discussions. His headline-making 2013 interview with Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recently won both an EMMY and a Peabody Award.

He’s host and executive producer of the “Charlie Rose” program, which airs on an American public broadcaster across the United States. He also co-anchors “CBS This Morning” – one of America’s fastest-growing morning news broadcasts – and he’s a contributing correspondent to the American TV newsmagazine show, “60 Minutes.”

Charlie Rose joins Mike Walter in our New York studio to talk about how he got his start and what drives him as a journalist.

Kirk and Anne Douglas: Committed to charity

Kirk and Anne Douglas

Legendary American actor Kirk Douglas and his wife Anne talk about their commitment to charity.

Few performers have enjoyed the kind of career longevity as that of legendary American actor Kirk Douglas. During his 70-plus-year career, he’s made more than 80 movies, been in ten plays, written ten books and been awarded a special Oscar for his contributions to the entertainment industry. But it’s Douglas’ work off-screen, with Anne, his wife of 62 years, that’s become his most important legacy. Some 50 years ago Anne established a trust and the pair amassed a massive fortune that they’ve been giving away for years.

Mike Walter recently sat down with Kirk and Anne Douglas in their Los Angeles home where they reveal their secrets to personal and professional longevity and talk about their lifelong commitment to charity.

Anna Sui: Fashion’s true original

Anna Sui

Fashion icon Anna Sui talks about her inspirations and impact on fashion.

Fashion icon Anna Sui is famous for her one-of-a-kind take on design, with her work admired and adored by the biggest names in fashion and entertainment. Whether drawing influence from Scandinavian design, 1960’s scene-makers or her own cultural obsessions, the Chinese-American has created work that is equal parts bold and understated. Emphatic about staying true to herself, her original, trendsetting, rock and roll looks have made Sui one of the fashion world’s premier designers and personalities.

Anna Sui joins Mike Walter in our New York studio to discuss her inspirations and impact on fashion.

James Cameron: Iconic filmmaker

James Cameron

Canadian filmmaker James Cameron discusses his legendary movie-making career and his bigger global-saving mission.

Iconic Academy Award-winning filmmaker James Cameron’s movies have shattered box office records and entertained and enlightened audiences around the world. Mega-hits like Titanic and Avatar have wowed moviegoers with wondrous special effects and characters from other eras and other worlds.

When Cameron isn’t conceiving his next blockbuster, he’s a self-described “warrior for the natural world,” working to increase awareness about climate change and appealing to the masses to take individual responsibility for the health of the planet. An advocate of alternative and sustainable energy, Cameron suggests “starting small” and helping to reduce carbon emissions by eating less meat and dairy products. He also suggests we shift our habit of being “takers” of the earth’s riches to becoming “caretakers” of its precious resources.

Mike Walter sat down with James Cameron at a California climate conference and discussed the business of movie making and his bigger global mission.