After court setback, Trump vows additional security measures

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President Trump is vowing additional security measures after a federal appeals court upheld a temporary block of his immigration order.

CGTN’s Jim Spellman reports.

After court setback, Trump vows additional security measures

The big question now is what will the Trump administration do next as they try to get this executive order back into effect. They have several options including taking it to the Supreme Court or rewriting the order.

The entry freeze affected travelers from seven Muslim-majority countries and refugees, and government lawyers said they’ll fight back. However, no details have been released about those new security measures.

The court found the U.S. government failed to meet any of the criteria needed to lift the temporary restraining order. The lawyers behind the suit argue the travel ban goes beyond the powers of the presidency.

“We respect that the president has broad authority when it comes issue executive orders. But they still have to follow the Constitution,” Bob Ferguson, Washington’s state attorney general said.

Michael McConnell breaks down the legalities of the travel ban fight

CGTN’s Elaine Reyes interviewed Michael McConnell on the of the legalities of the travel ban. He is a professor at Stanford University in California and former federal judge.