Essential services still needed as people struggle in Sri Lanka floods

World Today

For over 7,500,000 displaced Sri Lankans, schools are their new homes. And those who have lost their houses in this deluge, there is nowhere to go.

CGTN’s Ravidner Bawa reports.

Just like many others, Anuruddha Priyankara’s home got washed away with three members of his family while he was on duty. A soldier by profession he does not know how to cry.

With water’s receding, others are also making their way forward. Essential services are being restored but administration has still not reached some villages.

People are grappling with food and water shortage in the interiors. They line up and wait for hours to get a hot meal. Temporary solutions are just a baby step but the government has a mammoth task ahead.

“Distributing money and relief items will be a permanent solution,” Palitha Tewarapperuma, deputy minister of Internal Affairs said.

“The officials have to visit these areas and do a proper investigation about the losses and then provide them compensation. You cannot change things overnight.”

Fresh warnings have issued on the possibility of more landslides. With the slopes being wet still chances of more tragedy still hangs above Sri Lanka.