Peruvian mothers challenge laws on medicinal marijuana

World Today

Peru’s President sees a way to help patients suffering from serious illnesses. It requires changing the drug laws to allow the use of medical marijuana.

Two women have started an organization aimed at convincing lawmakers to scrap Peru’s decades-old restrictions.

CGTN’s Dan Collyns explains why they’re ‘Searching for Hope.’

Dorothy Santiago and Ana Alvarez formed ‘Searching for Hope’ to gain legal support for medical marijuana.

It’s up to Peru’s Congress to decide on the future of medicinal marijuana in the country – breaking step with long-standing bans on drug use in Latin America.

Lawmakers are weighing whether to legitimize its therapeutic use or leave it shrouded in semi-illegality. One option would require the opposition-controlled Congress to pass a motion allowing marijuana to be imported and sold for medical reasons.

According to polling, nearly two-thirds of Peruvians favor legalization of marijuana for medicinal use.