China’s bike share program growing more popular

China 24

China's bike share program growing more popularPhoto from xinhua

China has the largest bike sharing program in the world. It not only helps riders get from point A to B, but it’s also technologically-advanced and environmentally-friendly.

CGTN’s Nathan King takes a closer look and a ride.

Bike sharing schemes are popular in many big cities around the world like London, New York and Paris. However, in Shanghai, it’s perhaps needed more than ever.

In this city of over 20 million people, traffic jams are awful, and there is a big push to get people back to pedaling.

There are no bike stands, and there is nothing to join. You can sign up just on your phone, and it’s as easy as clicking, scanning the QR code and then the bike automatically unlocks.

These bike sharing programs are incredibly cheap. In fact, it’s one Yuan which works out to about 15 cents.

The City Bike share fits into the government’s strategy of cutting emissions and car journeys. It’s also being promoted, because it combines manufacturing with an internet business. The building of these bikes helps create jobs online and offline.

Huang Xue, Mobike’s spokesperson, said innovation is central to the company’s mission. The bikes have a specially designed frame and a belt instead of a chain which cuts down on repair costs. Even the solar panel in the shopping basket creates energy to power the lock and the GPS system.

Bike sharing is enjoying a boom in Shanghai and many other Chinese cities. Some might call it a bubble with bikes scattered everywhere.