Iraq celebrates victory over ISIL in Mosul as city looks to rebuild

World Today

Residents of Mosul are looking toward the future, a future free of ISIL control.

Iraq’s military has successfully pushed the militant group out of the city. Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi declared the official liberation of Mosul from ISIL. The news led to celebrations across Iraq.  

CGTN’s Toby Muse explains, now the focus shifts to rebuilding Mosul.

ISIL had been holding out in a tiny neighborhood of Mosul’s Old City. The Prime Minister’s message was clear – while a few ISIL fighters may remain in the city, the war is over. After three years, Iraq’s second largest city is free. With the fighting practically over, the people of Mosul looked forward to their future.

The United Nations estimates that Mosul needs a year and $1 billion in investment just to restore basic services. Long-term rebuilding projects will cost billions more.  The war displaced about 900,000 people. Tens of thousands still live in tent cities outside of Mosul.

But in parts of the city, signs of life are springing back. Few have returned here. Many houses are still booby-trapped with ISIL explosives.