Chinese smartphone brands boast stronger presence in India

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Chinese mobile phone brands are giving Indians brands a run for their money. Chinese mobile companies account for more than half of new devices in the world’s second largest smartphone market. Recent research shows that these companies are going to stay.

CGTN’s Ravinder Bawa reports.



Chinese phone manufacturer Vivo will be the new title sponsor for cricket’s Indian Premiere League 2020 tournament. The tournament will be called Vivo IPL. This is one of its plans to make India its second largest market after China. And the company’s aggressive advertising strategy is already working on consumers.

“It’s a big achievement that they have sponsored a cricket team. On TV we always see Oppo or Vivo advertisements, and once in a while we come across a Samsung ad. Our opinion has changed and now we trust these phone companies, ” Shubham Dhingra, a customer said.

“The quality and the service to the customers are quite good and the marketing strategy of the company is quite good and it is working good,”  Raza Abbas, a cellphone dealer said.

Chinese dominance in the Indian smartphone market has had rapid growth-increasing to 51 percent in first quarter of this year. A recent study by India Ratings and Research has revealed that the Chinese smartphone makers have replaced the Indian companies from the top five smartphone players.

“They have good support of their suppliers and have a lot of liquidity which has increased their sales infrastructure. They have major experience from China as they have been working their and that they have brought good products for the markets here,” Tanu Sharma, analyst.

Experts say that the Chinese firms have a keen understanding of the market. They have used original marketing methods to change the negative perception and distrust among Indians towards Chinese made phones. As a result, their sales are expected to grow by around 40-50 percent over the financial year 2018.

The Chinese companies are already to participate. It will be interesting to see how all this would impact price. 

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