Artist Leandro Barrios memorializes one of Montevideo’s best-known spots

Americas Now

Opened in 1868 the “Mercado del Puerto” is one of the most famous destinations in Uruguay and one of the first stops most tourists make in Montevideo. It’s both a feast for the eyes and a treat for the taste buds as well.

While it no longer functions as a traditional market, dozens of restaurants inside serve up some of the city’s best “asado.” And local artists, many who have spent years capturing its essence on canvas, have become staples on site.

Leandro Barrios is of those artists. He has been working there for nearly 50 years painting the location from every angle. But he’s still not done immortalizing this time-worn building which he hopes one day will be restored to its former glory.

Check out the interview with our Urban Voice Leandro Barrios.