More Chinese products seen at Brazilian trade shows

World Today

Recent trade shows in Brazil are showcasing all kinds of made-in-China products, all available for import.

CGTN’s Paulo Cabral reports.

Promoting trade with developing nations like Brazil is a big part of China’s Belt-and-Road Initiative.

About one thousand small and mid-sized Chinese businesses were recently represented at trade shows in Brazil (the China Homelife and China Machinex Exhibits). Their goal: to develop new markets for products ‘Made in China.’

And for different reasons, entrepreneurs see much potential in this country.

Ting-Li Change, with Xiamen King Ray Optical says that “Brazil is a country which is very warm, very hot a lot of sunshine You needs sunglasses.”

Brazilian buyers welcome the opportunity to learn more about what China has to offer.

Allan Reiser, a Garment Importer says that “in the past, Brazilian companies looking for products in China were only interested in pricing, but now I notice that there are more people realizing that the Chinese supply is very diversified. We can have very cheap products which are not of great quality but also there is the option of paying more for better quality goods.”

China is already Brazil’s top trading partner, but that doesn’t make it any easier for smaller Chinese companies to showcase and sell their products on the other side of the globe. At this event, the idea is to help these entrepreneurs build the bridges that can lead to more intercontinental deals.

The exhibit has the support of the Chinese government as part of its Belt-and-Road Initiative, aimed at creating infrastructure and trade connections throughout developing markets. This event in Brazil is part of a road-show that includes another 10 emerging markets.

For this company specializing in bamboo utensils, the trade shows could be a way to reach beyond their usual exports markets.

Grace Shao with Suncha Bamboo and Wood says “the government is going to support us so it means we can have very low cost to come here and it helps us to make a decision like: ‘yes let’s go to Brazil.’ Brazil is a country with a big population. And we got big clients from America, from Europe but not from Brazil yet.”

There’s a wide variety of Chinese products on exhibit. All getting critically important exposure — that could help spread them all over the world.