Paulo Cabral

Paulo Cabral

Paulo Cabral covers Brazil for CGTN, with a particular focus on business stories. He joined the channel in 2007 and is based in São Paulo.

Cabral started out as a business reporter in his native Brazil but after a few years went on to an

international career, having worked for BBC for about nine years, initially as a producer and presenter in the BBC World Service, in London, and then as a correspondent in Washington D.C., Cairo and lately in his hometown, São Paulo.

In these positions, Cabral has covered a range of stories from big summits and economic conferences to natural disasters and wars in over 30 countries around the globe.

Cabral has worked for print media, radio, television, news portals and last year completed a Master’s Degree, in the University of São Paulo, with research of ‘hypermedia documentaries’, his new field of interest in media languages and formats.


November 14, 2019

BRICS leaders speak out against protectionism

The leaders of the world's major emerging economies wrapped up a two-day summit in Brazil Thursday. The culmination was the signing of a lengthy declaration focused on the importance of mechanisms to allow the nations of the world to better work together. Read More...
November 8, 2019

China and Brazil beef up trade

China recently cleared 25 more meatpacking plants in Brazil to export to the Asian nation. Included are facilities processing beef, chicken, pork and even one for donkeys, with the full list now totaling 89 plants. Read More...
Art on Brazilian rocks tell history of mankind
September 13, 2019

Art on Brazilian rocks tell history of mankind

A remote region of Brazil’s northeastern countryside offers clues to how mankind arrived in the Americas. Archeologists doing research there since the 1970s say there’s vast evidence the first peoples came to South America much earlier than previously thought. The evidence coming from art left […] Read More...
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