Thousands more Rohingya refugees cross into Bangladesh from Myanmar

World Today

Some 500,000 Rohingyas have fled from Myanmar to Bangladesh. And now, another 2,000 refugees reached the border by boat.

CGTN’s Barnaby Lo was there to witness the latest arrivals.

Rohingya children skipped with joy to their safe haven. Just behind them, across the river, was their homeland in Myanmar, but it’s become a living hell.

“Myanmar soldiers have been torturing our people. We had to leave,” said Abdul Manam, one of the Rohingya refugees. Abdul Manam’s uncle, 65-year old Nurul Islam, could barely walk, but he had to force himself to make the journey.

Since late August, over half a million Rohingyas have arrived on the shores of Bangladesh. There have been brief lulls but make no mistake, they are still coming.

“We can’t live there anymore because our villages are being burned down. The military told us to leave,” explained Mohammaed Jumair, another refugee. With their 7-month old twins, Mohammed Jumair and his wife Hosneara traveled through the mountains and sailed across a river for six days.

Every penny they had, they said, went to the boatman. “I don’t know what’s going to happen to us here either. We could be starving if no one gives us food,” warned Mohammed.

There was, in fact, help. Good-hearted Bangladeshis distributed cash, aid organizations provided basic necessities including food and clean drinking water, and the Bangladesh government allocating land for them to temporarily settle on.

The question is will there be enough for each of them if more Rohingyas arrive.