Daniel Wagner on cyber security collaboration between the U.S. and China

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Daniel Wagner

The U.S. and China wrapped up a high level cyber dialogue overseen directly by the presidents of both countries. Yet the challenges in the world of cyber security remain. CGTN’s Wang Guan talked to Daniel Wagner, author of Virtual Terror, who explained why.

Daniel Wagner is an expert on cyber security and US-China relations. He said that one of the main obstacles to catching cyber criminals is the fact that there are no international laws governing cyber space.  This makes it easier for cyber criminals to use international borders to elude justice.  International terror groups, like ISIL, can hide behind the anonymity afforded by the internet to organize and recruit.  As ISIL loses physical territory in Iraq and Syria, it is increasingly utilizing the internet for its work.

Wagner said the nameless nature of the internet will make it very difficult for the U.S. to determine who is responsible for the attacks on the computers at the Democratic Party offices last year.  Several investigations have been launched into the theft of emails from the computers, but Wagner says they’re unlikely to identify a culprit.

He warned that anyone with a laptop or a smartphone can become a victim of cyber criminals. But he added that a few, simple steps can help prevent that. He advises everyone to change their passwords frequently and use 2-party verification whenever possible.