Why does the 19th Party Congress matter?

19th CPC National Congress

Why does the 19th Party Congress matter

Every five years, Chinese Communist Party holds a National Party Congress.

It’s a time when the party does the equivalent of this.

It hits the ‘Refresh’ button.

The party re-shuffles its top leadership…and sets the nation’s priorities for the next five years.

That makes every Congress important.

What makes the 19th Party Congress different – and especially important – is the backdrop.

China has been making big changes.

In the last five years, the party built a New Silk Road to Europe and beyond.

Took the lead in the Paris climate accords as the U.S. backed away.

Lifted nearly 70 million out of poverty.

Restructured the military…

Reformed the financial system…

Enough to convince the IMF to make the renminbi a global reserve currency.

If all that happened in Xi Jinping’s first five years, the question is what will he and party do in the next five?

That’s another reason to watch this event closely.

The 19th Party Congress will elect new members to the Politburo and Politburo Standing Committee—a group whose decisions could guide China’s development for decades to come.

Decisions felt in every hemisphere.

Because of its size, what happens in China…now happens to the world.