US-China Comprehensive Dialogue and its four pillars

China 24

It was one of the main agreements to come out of the Mar-a-Largo, Florida summit last April….

Four pillars or areas regarding China-U.S. relations staffed at the highest level to create momentum and results.

They are the
• Diplomatic and Security Dialogue
• Comprehensive Economic Dialogue
• Law Enforcement and Cybersecurity Dialogue
• Social and Cultural Issues Dialogue

The dialogues replaced the strategic and economic dialogue of the previous Obama administration- and are now overseen by both Presidents directly with cabinet ministers holding the key positions.

With a higher level dialogue comes higher expectations –

A 100-day review of the economic relationship still hasn’t solved major sticking points between Washington and Beijing. The U.S. has launched investigations into Chinese steel imports and blocked a purchase of a semiconductor company.

Suspicions remain over many aspects of one of the world’s most important bilateral relationships, which is why this visit by the U.S. president is so critical.

Nathan King, CGTN, Washington.