New architecture in Bolivia’s highlands gives residents a taste of the high life

Americas Now

At 4,000 meters above sea level El Alto, Bolivia – overlooking La Paz – is the world’s highest city. It’s also the site of an architectural transformation that is giving working-class residents a taste of the high life.

The city has expanded rapidly over the past decade and is being given a futuristic facelift.

Streets once lined with monotonous brick dwellings are being replaced with buildings sporting bold, neon colors and psychedelic designs. The new look is meant to modernize their Andean identity.

For our Urban Voice meet the mastermind behind the architectural movement…. Freddy Mamani.

For those wanting to see more of Freddy Mamani’s work, and willing to brave the high altitude and thin air, there are now tours available in El Alto. The itinerary includes visits to some of the more than 70 buildings which have been constructed as part of the New Andean Architecture movement.