Trump addresses supporters at Conservative Political Action Conference

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Trump addresses supporters at Conservative Political Action ConferenceTrump addresses supporters at CPAC.

President Donald Trump told conservative activists that he’s proven he’s one of them. Trump opened his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference by reminding the group that when he first started running, people questioned the former Democrat’s conservative credentials. 

He says, “I think now we’ve proved I’m a conservative.”

The annual conference on the outskirts of Washington is considered the country’s highest-profile gathering of conservative activists. Numerous members of the administration have been speaking.

Trump is urging his conservative supporters to keep up the enthusiasm heading into November’s congressional election.

Republicans control the House and hold a slim majority in the Senate, but Democrats are hoping to flip either or both chambers in the fall.

Trump is telling attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference that if Democrats win they will repeal new tax cuts and take away their constitutional right to bear arms.

Trump notes that historically the party that controls the presidency suffers in the midterm elections two years later because after they “fight, fight fight” for the White House “nobody has that same drive” and “so you end up not doing that well.”

He tells his supporters that they have “got to keep up the enthusiasm.”

Trump is polling an audience of conservative activists on whether they prefer the Second Amendment or the tax cuts he signed into law late last year.

Trump tells those gathered at the Conservative Political Action Conference that if the Democrats win seats in 2018 they will “repeal your tax cuts” and “take away your Second Amendment,” which he says, “we will never allow to happen.”

Then Trump asked the crowd which priority they’d pick if they only had a choice of one.

The cheers were louder for the gun rights, but Trump assured, “We’re going to get them all.”

Trump has proposed increasing the minimum age for the purchase of certain guns in the wake of last week’s school shooting in Florida. The National Rifle Association opposes the plan.