Who is who? Meet China’s new state leadership

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Who is who? Meet China's new state leadership

Who is who? Meet China's new state leadership-Chinese version

We begin with a man that needs little introduction. President Xi Jinping is re-elected President of China, for another five-year term.

Up next is Wang Qishan, the former anti-corruption chief is now Vice President of China. He also had a long career in finance, and economic affairs. For many years, he was leading China’s major trade talks with the U.S..

Li Keqiang retains his position as Premier of the State Council. With a doctor’s degree in Economics from Peking University, Li will help Xi to move China’s economic reforms forward

Li Zhanshu was President Xi’s chief of staff. Now he’s the country’s top legislator at the National People’s Congress.

Wang Yang heads the CPPCC, China’s top multi-party policy advisory and supervision body.

Yang Xiaodu leads the new National Supervisory Commission, which combines the previously controversial party-state dual-track anti-corruption systems into one grand national organization.

Han Zheng, is now Executive Vice Premier. He was known for his market-friendly policies while serving as mayor of Shanghai.

There were some major appointments, too.

Sun Chunlan is the fifth female Vice Premier in the past few decades.

Hu Chunhua, at 54, is the youngest member of the Politburo. His provincial portfolio includes Tibet, Inner Mongolia and Guangdong.

Liu He, President Xi’s key economic strategist is now also elevated to Vice Premier.  He graduated from Harvard Kennedy School with a Master’s degree in Public Administration.

You may have noted these people are all current members of the elite 25-person politburo.

Further down the hierarchy is the rank of Vice Premier, but under a slightly different title of State Councilor .Wang Yong was reappointed to this position for another five-year term.

China’s Foreign Minister Wang Yi is also promoted to become State Councilor.

Three other State councilors Wei Fenghe, Zhao Kezhi, Xiao Jie oversee China’s National Security, public security and serve as chief of staff for the State Council, respectively.