Peru’s Congress to decide whether or not to accept President Kuczynski’s resignation

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Peru's Congress to decide whether or not to accept Pres. Kuczynski's resignation

A day after Peru’s President Pedro Kuczynski resigned amid corruption allegations, Congress has the next move: Will they accept his resignation or proceed as scheduled, with an impeachment vote? In the meantime, prosecutors are trying to prevent Kuczynski from leaving the country.

CGTN’s Dan Collyns reports.

Many in Peru are wondering what happens next after President Pedro Pablo Kuczynski’s resignation.

The country’s Congress must decide whether to accept Kuczynski’s resignation or proceed with a scheduled impeachment vote.

“I think we should accept the president’s resignation,” said Victor Garcia Belaunde, a Congressman for the Popular Action Pary. “We should not reject it to then remove him. I think it would be absurd to do that.”

While many support accepting the resignation to ensure a smooth transition of power, other parties are calling for Kuczynski to be forced out for alleged corruption in his ties to disgraced Brazilian construction giant Odebrecht.

“If Kuczysnki goes, it is because he’s corrupt and immoral and that should be clear for the whole of Peru,” said Veronika Mendoza of the Nuevo Peru Party.

Kuczynski defiantly denied any wrongdoing in his resignation message and dismissed the secretly-recorded videos released by the political opposition which appear to show government figures attempting to buy votes.

Martin Vizcarra, the first vice president, is likely to take over, preventing the need for fresh elections. But some analysts don’t see the new government as a long-term option.

“I would think it could work for a transitional government, but I’m not sure it could manage three and half years,” said Fernando Tuesta, former head of Peru’s electoral board.

Remi Piet on what President Kuczynski’s resignation means for Peru

CGTN’s Mike Walter spoke to Remi Piet for more on the Peruvian president’s resignation. Piet is the Senior Director of Americas Market Intelligence, a consulting company that helps businesses in Latin America.