Chinese kindergartens aim for better pre-school education

China 24

June 1 is International Children’s Day.

CGTN’s Zhao Yunfei went back to class – to see some of the success in China’s pre-schools.

Various practical activities, including playing, singing, drawing and social interaction are usually adopted in kindergarten. China National Children’s Center is no exception.

“Through diverse activities, we aim to help children grow healthily,” Yang Caixia, principal of the Center said. “We want them to build confidence.”

They also said they hope the kids have the ability to overcome difficulties to achieve goals.

Children have different personalities. A teacher at the Center said they are trying to discover each kid’s strength and provide them with chances to express themselves.

Childhood is important for shaping personality. Kids need an environment to grow up naturally and happily. Children’s Day helps remind people of it.

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