Belgium and Tunisia fans fired up as World Cup game becomes feast of goals

World Today

On day 10 of the World Cup, there was a growing sense of relief from Belgium fans that their side could go all the way and win the tournament.

Belgium thrashed Tunisia in Moscow. The winning team has now scored eight goals in two games, as CGTN’s Dan Williams reports.

Tunisia lost their opening match against England but their supporters were confident that their team would secure a shock victory over Belgium, one of the tournament favorites. “I would say Tunisia is going to win. I know it is going to be a hard game. But I believe in us. I think we are going to win today,” said one of Tunisia’s fans.

While, having won their opening match against Panama 3-0, Belgium supporters were also certain there would only be one winner.

Although Belgium fans appeared to be outnumbered by Tunisia’s, they could at least call upon a superhero fan if required. “Belgium team will win, because I am here to push my team to victory and Belgium players are one of the best in the world,” said one man dressed up with a cape, wearing tights and a shirt with a big B on it.

At the official FIFA fan park, fans from all nations gathered to watch the match. They were treated to a ruthless performance by Belgium who went on to crush the North African side 5-2. Belgium has scored eight goals in just two World Cup matches.

Team Belgium is starting to live up to their billing as one of the tournament’s best. Their next match against England should provide a much tougher examination but, until then, it’s party time for Belgium’s fans.