World Cup 2022: Qatar prepares for next tournament amid criticism

World Today

Now that the 2018 World Cup has officially ended in Russia, the focus is shifting to Qatar who will host the next edition in 2022.

Critics have already raised concerns regarding human rights, overcrowding and the readiness of the upcoming host nation, but organizers remain confident.

CGTN’s Dan Williams reports.

As Russia 2018 drew to a close, the spotlight has shifted to Qatar, and the ‘Majlis Qatar’, a temporary exhibition at Moscow’s Gorky Park gave the thousands of visitors a preview for the next World Cup in Qatar.

However, despite the exhibition, there are already a number of concerns surrounding the 2022 hosts including issues of human rights, and if the gulf nation’s infrastructure can cope with the influx of thousands of football fans. 

But organizers have been watching and learning.

“I think there is a lot of takeaways from this World Cup,” Nasser Al-Khater, deputy Secretary General for Tournament Affairs said. “We are going to go back home with a lot of lessons. Organizationally, we have learned a lot. In terms of security, we’ve learned a lot. Also fan experience, and what they’ve been able to offer fans here is something that we will take away.”

Al-Khater has said that the Qatari government has moved to address a report released by Human Rights Watch claiming that authorities are still not doing enough to protect the migrant workers. 

“It’s something the government has been looking at prior to the World Cup, making certain changes and certain reform.” Nasser Al-Khater said. “The World Cup has accelerated it. A lot of laws have been enacted and we think Qatar has come a long way when it comes to workers’ rights.”