Kim Jong Un welcomes Moon Jae-in at Pyongyang airport

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Kim Jong Un welcomes Moon Jae-in at Pyongyang airport

The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s leader Kim Jong Un greeted South Korean President Moon Jae-in upon his arrival in Pyongyang for their third summit this year to improve ties and help resolve the nuclear standoff.

Moon and Kim embraced at the Sunan International Airport on Tuesday as thousands of people from the DPRK cheered and waved flowers, DPRK flags and a blue-and-white map symbolizing a unified peninsula.

Moon and Kim and their wives shook the hands of DPRK and ROK officials before they were saluted by a DPRK ceremonial guard.

They then inspected goose-stepping soldiers, and Moon shook hands with DPRK civilians and bowed deeply to them.

The main focus is to see whether Moon can set up talks between Pyongyang and Washington to salvage stalled nuclear diplomacy.

Prof. Myung-koo Kang talks expectations for the third inter-Korean summit

CGTN’s Mike Walter spoke to Prof. Myung-koo Kang for insight into what to expect from the third inter-Korean summit. Prof. Kang teaches political science at Baruch College in New York.

Story by The Associated Press.