CIIE opens to attract global trade opportunities

World Today

A successful international expo needs international participation. Countries from every corner of the world are represented at the CIIE. CGTN’s Roee Ruttenberg toured the National Pavilion. 

The exhibits in Shanghai celebrate culture and innovation. Each one offers a unique glimpse into that country’s national character and trade potential, peppered with a message to the world.

Canada wants people to enjoy a healthy lifestyle, while Ethiopia wants visitors to taste its history and flavors. The Czech Republic wants exhibit-goers to share in its playfulness.

Twelve nations were selected by China to participate as Guests of Honor. They range from rich to developing, large to small and North to South. All operate under the expo’s theme: New Era, Shared Future.

Alongside China’s Xi Jinping, a handful of their leaders got to share their thoughts at the opening ceremony.

“This expo is a fitting launch party for growing trade cooperation between China and Africa,” Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta said. “It is an important signal to the world that China is open for business, despite the growing waves of trade protectionism.”

Hungary has always been a supporter of the most possible free and fair global trade network, and we have always been a supporter of Euro-Asian cooperation,” said Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

“At a time when the international trade system is under attack, when protectionism is on the rise, we take great comfort because the door of China is never shut, but only open ever wider,” Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said.

Many of these nations have signed on to the Chinese-led, Belt and Road Initiative.  Those at the expo said they were excited about the Chinese market.