Here’s a glimpse of the gadgets at China’s International Import Expo

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China’s International Import Expo offers foreign firms the opportunity to connect with buyers in the world’s second-largest economy. CGTN’s Roee Ruttenberg went to the expo to show us what exactly they were selling. 

It’s hard not to be amazed by the thousands of companies showcasing global gadgets and gear. All of it, hopefully, is bound for China.

There’s a high-tech pavilion, a food and agriculture pavilion, and a medical technology and healthcare pavilion.

Infineon, the German maker of semiconductors, wants Chinese cities to save on energy. It’s SmartHome technology senses user needs.

MedTronic is the world’s biggest med-tech company. It already has a significant footprint in China, but it’s hoping to expand its share of the market there. China, after all, is a half-a-trillion-dollar global industry.

Even American search engine giant Google has an exhibit. It’s focused on interactive art, complete with an offline image-based translator. Google hopes it’ll help bridge the global language divide.

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic is planning a big push into China next year. After double-digits drops in sales, it’s partnered with local makers to boost its in-country brand.

This is Panasonic’s new OLED Television. But here’s the thing: when it’s not in use, it’s transparent. Panasonic is hoping products like these can help capture the Chinese mind and market.

Poland’s poultry producers also put on a production. Just a few of their companies have permission to sell in China,but many others are waiting.

“China is a very very important market for Polish poultry,” Malgorzata Leszczynska of the National Poultry Council of Poland said. “Our business is growing at a rate of 10-percent per year, and we are looking for markets outside of Europe for the new production.”

Overall, this expo offers just a quick taste for a country with a growing appetite for imports.

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