Lack of regulation in Mexico’s fireworks business has an explosive outcome

Americas Now

Fireworks illuminating the sky usually signify a celebration. But in one Mexican town that produces pyrotechnics, they can also lead to tragedy.

Fireworks have been dazzling spectators at celebrations across the world for centuries. And in Mexico there isn’t a better way to mark a special occasion.

Producing these festive explosives is considered an art form passed down through generations of Mexicans.

One community outside of Mexico City is built around the fireworks industry. And it’s lost dozens of people in explosions.

Despite that and the lack of regulation they’re still willing to risk their lives.

Correspondent Alasdair Baverstock traveled to the town of Tultepec to tell us more.

Fireworks were actually invented in ancient China more than 2000 years ago. The first original firecracker was a bamboo stalk filled with gunpowder. They were used for religious festivals and were believed to frighten away evil spirits.