Palestinian government resigns amid rising discontent over Fatah-Hamas split

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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the resignation of his government during a cabinet reshuffle on Tuesday. The decade-old political split between Fatah and Hamas is deepening.

CGTN’s Noor Harazeen reports from Gaza.

The change in government comes amid a further breakdown in relations between Hamas and Fatah.  

Hala Abu Abdo is a Palestinian citizen living in Gaza.

“The previous government did not do anything to benefit the Palestinian people and did not end the division. I ask and hope that the next government will have a hand in ending the Palestinian division.”

Some analysts see the move to replace Rami Hamdullah as an effort by Abbas to further isolate his Hamas rivals which have controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007.

Those seeking the prime minister position include Mohammad Shtayyeh, a member of the Fatah Central Committee; Hussein Sheikh, the Minister of Civil Affairs, and Saeb Erekat, the Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization. 

Three factions within the Palestine Liberation Organization announced their refusal to participate in the new Palestinian government.

Samer Anabtawi, leader of the National Initiative Party said that his movement will not participate in any Palestinian government without a comprehensive national consensus.

“I think that forming the new government as it is proposed so far will not help end the division,” said Ayed Yaghi, President of the Palestinian National Initiative in Gaza. “On the contrary, we fear that the formation of the new government and the actions taken by the Palestinian Authority. It is possible to deepen this division and turn the division into a separation between the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.”

Hamas meantime, condemned the government’s resignation, saying Abbas was seeking to establish a “separatist government” to serve his interests.